Saturday, November 7, 2009

streaky mcstreaksalot

streaky mcstreaksalot
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This red series may be a very limited run. Every piece requires two glaze firings. If the color is right the glaze is so thick that it runs and covers the holes in the berry bowls, which I have to pierce, file down, and refire. If it is thin, it's streaky - unacceptably so- and see all those light spots? They're also sandpapery-rough, despite the fact that I sand down all these pieces before glazing so that they're very smooth. I just reglazed these and will fire again on Sunday or Monday. That hadn't been on my Saturday agenda.

So. Question. Is it worth it to you to literally pay $10 more for a red thing? Because, yes, it is beautiful, and yes, I love red, too (my glasses, my favorite lipsticks and glosses, embarrassingly, half of my shoes are red, too), but if I had a choice between a red mug that was $26 and a blue or green one that was $16, I'd probably pick the blue or green one.

I'll keep enough of this on hand to make these pomegranate vases (though they had to be reglazed too) on a seasonal basis, I'm just not sure if this will be a permanent color. Thoughts?


Sarah Jackson said...

I think the red is pretty, but I'm a bigger fan of other colors. Give me some yellow and blue and aqua and green and I'm happy. Except the pomegranates, which I adore.

Mama Urchin said...

I think a lot of people will love the red but I also think the reality of the situation is that they will probably pick the equally lovely, and less expensive, mug.