Tuesday, June 24, 2008

back to the studio

I've had a large break from making pottery. I haven't been at the wheel since Thursday, June 5. There has been lots of glazing, lots of child-tending, some sewing, a little traveling. It is time to get back to reality and the business of earning my income. I have some new ideas I'd like to try; I also have a commission or two that I have to work out the hows and how muches in my head before they're confirmed. Lots to do. Can you believe June is waning? I'd like to see these on my shelves again before it's over.


mayaluna said...

Good luck with your end of the month goals...I'm so impressed with all you do and create while mothering! I thought of your berry bowls just this morning as I washed some strawberries for breakfast!

TD wool design said...

all the best back at the wheel! sounds wonderful and it's always good to focus again!
thanks for the luck on the application. long and tedious, but worth it in the end.