Wednesday, March 11, 2009

lucky - a reminder

lucky day
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Wow! Thanks so much for all of your nice comments. We ARE all in this together, aren't we?

Yesterday I had a great day. It was 80 degrees, sunny, beautiful. I worked in the garden, dried some laundry on the clothes line, and enjoyed the first week of free time I've had in a long, long time. Dear readers who work full time, have families, AND manage to craft something- my hat is off to you. I've been depleted, but I'm recharging.

I met a friend in the late morning at my favorite thrift store and came away with quite a haul- I feel like my spring wardrobe is nice spruced up for less half than the cost of of a single top at a store like Gap- and when I got home, I spent some time in the clover patches, thinking about pottery-making.

I've always been "lucky" when it comes to finding four leaf clovers. If there are any in a patch, they jump out at me. I found about 9 in my front and back yards. I made a dozen little "lucky" pieces for the spring. I really like giving these to friends who need a little lift- who are going through a tough spell at work, have been ill, or just feeling blue. I did have to cheat a little with some of these, but by the time they're trimmed and fired, I won't be able to tell which ones!

As a little thank you for lifting my spirits and further reminding me how lucky I am, I'd like to offer one of these to my readers. I'll close comments on Tuesday, March 17 (simply because these make me think of st. pat's a little) and my random number generator (aka little boy) will choose a number to send the little happy off to. I won't have these actually finished until the end of the month, but I'll let you know if you win.

Have a wonderful day!


TD wool design said...

ooo, please count me in! these are so cute!
my youngest and my husband find four-leaf clovers all the time. i think i've only found one in my entire life :)
glad you had a good day yeseterday!

Shannon said...

These are fantastic, everyone could use a little good luck. Every 4 leaf clover I've ever found I've kept pressed in books, every once in a while I'll open a book and find one there. Almost as good as finding them outside. Have a good day.

coffeechris said...

This Irish lassie would love one to be so lucky as to win one of your pieces to bring the spirit and luck to our home.

Mama Urchin said...

I love your clover dishes. You are lucky to find that many! That or you must have a lot of clover in your yard :)

Erin said...

I LOVE these! I saw these on Flickr too and fell in love. Before I got to reading the end of your post, I was thinking to myself I would really love to have one of these! How perfect and lucky for me you are doing a giveaway! Even though I am the Irish one, I never find 4 leaves, but my brother-in-law always does and I am always so jealous! lol! They will only show themselves to certain people! May the Luck O' the Irish be with me this time!

Anonymous said...

Melissa, these are beautiful. And so very thoughtful to pass a bit of luck on to your friends.

Wylie said...

These are so beautiful! I don't think I've ever found a four-leaf clover!! I would love to win one of your pieces (my birthday is the day after St. Patrick's Day!).

Glad it's sunny and warm in Memphis. It's cold and dreary on Long Island, and we are anxiously waiting for spring to arrive!

erica said...

Those bowls are just adorable! I'm jealous of your four leaf clover special powers. I don't think I've ever found one. Glad you've found some ways to recharge this week. It's my long work week of the year - up to 18 hours at work is possible in one day, so I'm looking forward to this weekend and next week when life calms down. If I'm lucky!

Anonymous said...

I am rarely lucky enough to win a drawing, but count me in anyway. If the snow will ever melt, I might have the chance to look for four-leaf clovers. ;)

Courtney said...

I've yet to win a giveaway, so maybe it's my lucky day:)


chermonblie said...

The clover bowls are perfect! What a nice surprise after finishing a bowl of something yummy. :)

amy h said...

Oh, I forgot about this. Just in time!

Karen Mowrey said...

came here via Flickr, via friends with Maya and am going back to Flickr in a minute to see all your lovely pictures. Had to stop here and enter, I am a lucky gal and today is "me Irish hubster's" bee-day. There has always been shamrocks and 4-leaf clovers etc. for his birthday and none from me this year....oops. I have seen your items all over the place lately it seems...or we travel in some same circles. So, Hi there!

helmetnona said...

I want! I want!
Actually, I want for my Mom. She's been feeling anything but lucky lately. It's just so hard with her partner of 37 years now being a dependent in many ways.
This would be a great reminder for her.

Amy said...

Your clover bowls are just lovely!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!