Saturday, March 21, 2009

beginning again

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First and foremost, you all know that I love to garden, right? And eat locally? With naturally grown, chemical free fruits and veggies? So I was thrilled this week to learn that a portion of the White House South Lawn is in the process of becoming a vegetable garden. And if you know me (though I do try to keep politics out of this space, mostly), you know I'm a fan of the Obamas. At this point, I think Michelle Obama walks on water! I'm so excited about the first family's garden.

My mother and husband gave me a raised-bed demilune kitchen garden for my birthday about four years ago. This year, mom is helping me replenish the dirt with compost, composted manure, and topsoil (because all raised beds settle over time). My purple asparagus crop is beginning, and for the first time, I can eat my fill. After we get the soil in today (it's a good drizzly day, perfect for wetting everything down), I have some brussels sprouts and purple cabbage seedlings, and leeks to go in. I finally (very late) got my seed order in to Pinetree Garden Seeds, a small family-run outfit in Maine that lets you buy smaller packages of seeds at a greatly reduced cost. They specialize in heirloom seeds, but carry the old standby hybrids, as well.

I love my CSA and farmers market, especially for things that I don't grow, but there's nothing like home-grown. I hope that you'll all plant out a pot of basil and thyme, if nothing else. Happy gardening. I'm ready to go out and get dirty!


amy h said...

I'm trying a veggie garden this year. I am usually a flower gardener. Last year, I tried some herbs and tomatoes in pots, and that didn't work so well. I'm hoping things will stay more moist in the ground.

I think I am going to start with grown plants this time -- I'm not ready for seeds yet, except maybe some spinach or something!

Mama Urchin said...

Katie discovered brussel sprouts at Christmas and loves them. I've never grown them but maybe I'll add them to the garden this year.

TD wool design said...

yay! for homegrown! here or in washington :)
that asparagus sounds incredible!