Saturday, May 31, 2008

one local snack

one local snack
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This week's "one local summer" post. I didn't do much cooking this week- it was a little crazy-making with little boy home from school, finishing pottery for the farmer's market, shipping off berry bowls to their new homes. We did eat local desserts. On Wednesday I hit the mid-week farmers market for salad greens from my favorite east-Arkansas farmers and peaches from Jones Orchard. They were a sweet, but a bit more firm than I usually like. It's early still, so I was lucky to have them. We grilled them, drizzled honey from Peace Bee Farm in Proctor, AR, over them, and served it over Memphis-made Angel Food Ice Cream. Can't get it anywhere else but Memphis- one of the things I missed when we moved away when I was as a young teen. After today's swelter of a day at the downtown Farmers Market, I took a cool-off. These strawberries from Jones Orchard in Millington, TN, graced my berry bowl display, then my angel food. Same drizzle of honey, plus a hearty grind of black pepper. I'm ready to face the world again.

If you came out to the market today, thanks! It was great to see so many of you from my email list!

The berry bowls, by the way, are gone. I made more this week, and will do more to have ready for my June 13-14 sale. I won't quit making them, I promise!

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CalicoDaisy said...

I was so glad my friend, Lynda, came to see you but so envious it wasn't me! She called me right after she left the market and said she had a lovely time meeting you and loved the ladybug pottery. Maybe I will get out there soon, but June came up way too fast for me to think about another trip yet. Hope you had a good day there. -- Michele