Thursday, May 29, 2008

invitation shot

invitation shot
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I'm up early this morning, taking pictures of home-grown (though not by me) radishes in my berry bowl for the postcard invitation for my summer sale. I love the early morning light peeking over the roofline of my house, illuminating the potager (fancy french for kitchen garden. No, I don't speak french, I just like to *think* that I do. he he). This bowl is cracked, so it's staying with me, but I knew that it would look wonderful with these white-tipped breakfast radishes and the traditional red globe ones.

The radishes came from Keith and Jill Forrester, owners of the Whitton Flower and Produce Company. They sell at the market I frequent, as well as the Memphis Botanic Garden mid-week market in East Memphis. They just started a CSA service, which I'm signing up for in the fall. Beautiful produce, flowers, and service. And I can't wait to eat these radishes with salt and butter*!


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