Saturday, May 24, 2008

billions of berry bowls

billions of berry bowls
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Not really. It just felt like billions this afternoon as I was glazing them. Happily, all but the blue bowls are dipped into the glaze- happily 'cause otherwise those holes are a bear to coat. I'm working on making my blue glaze dipping compatible- my life will be so much easier if all of my colors are dip-able (it's a container issue that's causing delay on this little glaze problem). The majority of these bowls are white, with a few yellow and blues, and a green or two, thrown in for good measure.

So far, the bowls take up 2/3 of the kiln. With these ten plus a dozen tiny bowls, the kiln will be full enough to fire TONIGHT! I'll have another load of detailed leaf print and ladybug pieces for the farmers market later in the week, but these guys should be up and out on etsy by Tuesday. If you've gotten an email from me lately, your bowls will be in this first batch. I'll have more between the first and second weeks of June, so don't despair if you haven't heard from me. There are 28 in this batch- one is designated as the "Bridgman Pottery" display bowl because it cracked in the bottom, but I need a bowl to fill with strawberries, radishes, blueberries- whatever is in season- for my sale displays.

I used to have a "no weekend working" rule for pottery, but I'm ready to get these bowls out the door. So I can make more. Really, I had no idea ya'll would like them this much. I'll be throwing more on Sunday or Monday, glazing more mugs and ladybug ware until Wednesday, then working on my sale postcard to mail out on June 2. I'll be at the Memphis Farmers Market again on May 31, so if you're in the Memphis metro area, stop by and say hello!

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Anonymous said...

I'm definitely waiting eagerly for one of these! I found your etsy listing for the berry bowls through soulemama's blog (, she is the best :)