Friday, March 7, 2008

rare sight in these parts

This is the result of an hour's snowfall in my garden- it is beginning to pile up on the bushes, birdhouses (this is an old raku bird-shaped birdhouse I made in 2002- I stopped doing Raku when I was pregnant with my boy), roofs, and fences. Beautiful fluffy white snow. We already went out for a snow walk, because it hasn't snowed like this in 2 years, and we haven't gotten 4+ inches like we expect since 2000. Amazing to see snow covering a forsythia in full bloom!

This photo was taken a mere 30 minutes later! I imagine that everyone in town not already cozy at home is at the grocery buying up all of the milk, bread, cornmeal, and kerosene in sight. Folks in the mid-to-deep south get a little crazy when we see white stuff falling from the sky.


Molly said...

I'm in Nashville and waiting for this to hit us. I went grocery shopping last night to avoid the chaos at Kroger!

Wasn't it just 70 earlier this week?

bridgmanpottery said...

yes indeed, the temps were in the 70s all last weekend and on monday. We got pretty flurries Tuesday, Nice temps (50s) weds and thurs, but Friday was cold with 5-6 inches.