Saturday, March 15, 2008

Meant to be used

Meant to be used
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A while ago my neighbor was over for a visit and cofessed, aghast, that she had finally used my bamboo tumblers (I had given her a set of 4 as a gift two years ago) for coffee, but her daughter had put them in the dishwasher. I laughed, opened my dishwasher, and showed her something like this. It's full of pottery- mine and others' work. While I may not put my platters in (they're oddly shaped, sometimes, and difficult to stack around), I do not hesitate to put anything else that I've made in. So here you'll see ramekins, my family's favorite cafe au lait bowls, bamboo tumblers, and the butter dish, because it was full of melted butter after I found it sitting on top of the toaster oven.

While I firmly believe that children should be able to use appropriately-sized versions of the same things adults use- I even make pottery for children- you DO see my boy's blue plastic cups from Target in there too. Previous owners of our home installed beautiful blue slate floors in the kitchen (which I hate). Everything breaks- even the tempered glass picardie glasses, although it takes a second drop for them- on contact with these beautiful but deadly floors. So until the boy gets taller or we can replace the floors with cork (a dream, but not in this lifetime)- he gets unbreakable. There are health concern with heating plastics, I know, so these only hold cold liquids. He has his own special mug for hot chocolate, which never drops, but the plates and bowls come crashing to the floor with such regularity that I can't give him all handmade yet. Also, little round plastic lids? Yogurt machine. Yum. One small appliance I wouldn't be without!

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