Tuesday, February 17, 2009

yellow on yellow

yellow on yellow
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It's a grey and rainy day here today- and my boy is sick, we're on day 7 of an ugly virus- and the world's going crazy. On days like this I'm so happy to have a yellow house. It cheers me. We looked at so many colors and so many yellows, debating if we could have a house that's yellow on the inside AND the outside. Why not? It's our home. We can do what we want, right?

I hope you're having a sunny yellow day, no matter what the weather. I'm thinking sunshine and knitting friends tonight, lemon soup, sunny citrus-striped socks, yellow pansies, daffodils, and warmth. This is a good week for yellow week, isn't it?

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erica said...

Glad to know you're finding cheerfulness in the midst of sickness, grief, and just general "Februariness." Yellow is such a mood lifter.