Friday, February 20, 2009

yellow: dining room

yellow: dining room
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my last day of yellow week. And almost my last week of teaching- that's next week. I LOVE my job, I love teaching, I love kids. I've been really grateful for the time I've had teaching over the past three weeks because it's kept me focused on what's in front of me rather than sadness, my sick (we had a week of stomach flu) child, the business of our lives lately. I'm also looking forward to March 1, when I'll begin pottery full time again, and hopefully have many more pictures of my work to show you.

I took this picture around 6:45 this morning, on my way to the kitchen to get my second cup of coffee (dear Gary always brings me my first cup in bed. I am a lucky duck). I grabbed the camera because I loved the way the golden light shone through our wavy old 1922 glass windows onto my buttery yellow dining room wall.

I've really enjoyed yellow week. It's made me happy- all that cheerful golden yellow on flickr just put me in a better mood. I hope you've enjoyed it, too.

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