Friday, July 18, 2008

the reveal

First, I want to tell you all what a fabulous man I married. He came home one day this week to vacuum the floor before a relative came over (on his lunch break! He vacuums! And yes, there is a story behind this). Wednesday night he mixed all of my glazes for me, set up a table in the kitchen, and helped me with the unloading, glazing, loading, and firing. What a guy. I am so lucky.

These bowls. I am glad that I did more than I needed in green, because all but one came out like this. I think (no, I know) that the problem stems from too much water in my bisque (the fired piece)meeting too much water in the glaze and it just won't dry. I only have this problem with the greens. It is worse because I layer a second green over the first. I'll refire them and they'll look a little leopardy, but that's fine. I'd like them to be a tad darker, too, but I'll work on that when I've got more pottery to glaze. As of now, I've glazed everything that I have made.

Lisa's platter. Fourth time is the charm, apparently. I wish that I could have gotten a better picture of this (I may yet try), because the greens are pretty. Lisa is moving next week to Kansas City. This is a gift from a bunch of us. She has several of my pieces in this color- the deep celadon with slip-dots on the outside. I think I may have started making this pattern for her. I hate that she's moving.

This was a little experiment. Frances Palmer is one of my favorite potters. She is more whimsical than I am, but her classic forms, simple color, and fluting really inspire me. And I love that all of her pottery is meant to be used. Cake plates, vases, trays and vessels, all refined, but with a purpose of making everyday life more beautiful. She was one of the first potters that I saw and thought- "that's who I want to be when I grow up." Inspired by her whimsy, I snipped the tip off of a bag of slip to pipe these little ruffles on the top of this bud vase. Unless the flower is a tall single stem, the blossom will cover this detail, but I still like it.

And finally. A big batch of berry bowls. This doesn't make me finished, but I'm closer to the number that have been ordered than I was on Monday. YAY! All of these are going to orders, but I promise to have a big batch just up for anyone on etsy before I stop making them for the summer.

Happy Friday!
Oh, I am feeling SO much better. Much more like myself. Thanks for all of the nice comments and emails this week.


inguha said...

so glad you are feeling better)) lovely pictures))

Karen said...

I, too, am a fan of Frances Palmer and her work. I just visited with her in Atlanta at the Americasmart Gift Show and saw the new introductions. She has a lovely shade of green now. I have carried her line in my store when it was on Magazine Street in New Orleans and I have it again here in the store in Baton Rouge.
You are right - each of her pieces is not only beautiful, but is an item with a definite purpose and function. And the combination is marvelous.
I am enjoying your blog and look forward to visiting you on Etsy. I know that I will find many more wonderful pieces to view - they have a distinct personality that is light-hearted and seems to be smiling at life.

bridgmanpottery said...

thank you, Inga, and wow, Karen, thanks for such affirming comments!

Anna said...

OOOOOH I want a berry bowl!!!! How much are they?