Thursday, July 3, 2008

one local supper-july 2

one local supper-july 2
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This may be one of the most family-successful meals of this challenge. I have a dear college friend visiting this week, and since she's a vegetarian, this is the perfect time to use up some of my farmers market and garden veggies, because she'll enjoy the dishes more than my boys will. But they all liked this one.

At the top is a layered, tian-style ratatouille. It is alternating layers of eggplant, yellow 8-ball squash, tomatoes, goat cheese, and basil. Topped with homemade breadcrumbs- from either bread I made, or farmers market bread. Plenty of salt and pepper, a little olive oil. If I weren't making this strictly local, it would also have a layer of couscous on the bottom to soak up ALL of the juices- my boys don't like it stewy.
At right is a small salad of julienned kohlrabi and pickling cucumbers in my homemade wine vinegar, a dash of olive oil, slivered basil, and kosher salt. I bought the kohlrabi weeks ago-amazingly it kept just fine for weeks- a great storage vegetable. I'd never tried it before, and it was great! I'll definitely do this again.

Next up: a swiss chard tart as featured on the My Land blog. Revised, of course, to fall into the local criteria.


amy h said...

The ratatouille sounds good, but I think I'd be the only one in my house eating it. I can't get my husband and daughter to eat cooked tomatoes and squash. Maybe I need a vegetarian house guest!

Thanks for the link, too. I hope the recipe works for you!

Joyce said...

Oh, wow. That looks so good.

Tiffany said...

That looks delicious- I've been wanting to make ratatouille for awhile- I think this is the extra inspiration I needed!
As for the kohlrabi, I just tried that as well and was equally pleased at how good it was.