Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I've been having fun with the echoes group on flickr. I don't post every day, but I do try to create a little something in a special little sketchbook every day. This is my entry for today.
Early this afternoon we went to the mid-week farmers market and were happy to find honeycomb for sale. Our favorite honey people "grow" organic honey, and little boy has been asking about honeycomb since sometime in May. We bought some opened it as soon as we got home. He was so surprised by the texture and has been clamoring for more. But still, honey is sugar, and one big hunk of honeycomb a day is more than enough for any little going-on-five year old. I haven't had any since I was a child- and I'm thinking about saving the wax for some apothecary-type crafting.


Gary Bridgman said...

Mmmmmm honeyyyyyyyyy

Leila said...

That sounds like fun! I've never seen honeycomb myself, although my grandfather was a beekeeper (before I was born). I'll have to go and find some now. Maybe at the farmers' market in my neighborhood. Is there a season for it?

bridgmanpottery said...

Leila, yes, there is! It's just started. It's my understanding that the beekeepers have to destroy part of the comb during the processing of the honey, so the bees make new combs every year. Our bee folks told us that you only want to eat honeycomb from people who don't spray their flowers at their farm (though, of course, the bees feed from all over) to ensure the lowest possible chemical levels in the wax. Though people might feel bad about destroying the comb, that's where the beeswax used in candles and cosmetics come from, and the bees continue to make it. Responsible beekeepers also make sure they leave enough honey for the bees to feed on for the winter, so they only take part of the bee's total honey store. The farmers market would be a great place to look, but whole foods would also have some.