Thursday, July 7, 2011


Good morning!
Today is my glazing day.  The first of two before next weekend's sale.  so of course it is overcast and looking like rain.  Inevitably if I set aside a day for glazing it rains.  Such is life.  I am grateful to have glazing help today, and grateful to have had help yesterday in cranking out the last few platters I wanted to make.
I am tweeting.  Sometimes I feel like I have something to say or share, pottery-wise, but not enough for an entire post.  We'll see how it goes.

Yesterday I picked up my sale postcards.  I'm mailing some, emailing some, facebook-inviting some.  I always feel awkward inviting friends- Hey!  Come buy my stuff!  Love you!  Ok!  Bye!- But what do you do?  So while I'm not glazing I'll be addressing postcards.

This cake plate is off to California.  I hope to have another like it for next weekend.  I have a base and am waiting for the plate to dry.

Oh!  Today I am glazing the first of the honeycomb foundation pieces.  Can't wait to see how the glaze pools up in the impressions.

There is much to do.  See you back in this space next week. 


Jennie said...

Twitter is fun. Plus my mom isn't on there. That blue cake platter is exquisite. I wish I happened to be in Memphis this weekend, so I could come to your pottery sale.

beki said...

That cake plate is gorgeous! Love that color. I have a twitter account, but admit to not knowing how to use it! I'm a twitter dummy, and wonder if I have the brain cells (or patience) to figure it out. Maybe I'm just too pregnant and grumpy!!