Monday, June 8, 2009

bird's egg glaze

salt cellar
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On Saturday I had my last-day-for-the-summer (I *think*) at the farmers market. I bailed out a session early, but I plan to go back in September/October. All of the pottery-making, 100 push-up-ing, aspic-making (or rather, full 10 gal stockpot lifting) has resulted in some stress/overuse injuries to both of my arms. I'm resting them for several weeks so that I can get back to the wheel; this means no new thrown-potter, and I don't have enough ware to take back down to the market week after next. I'd rather not be there than have a pitiful little showing. I can still do some handbuilding, and I've got some new ideas percolating in this old brain, so maybe I'll be able to save the work and ideas for a sale at home in July. Maybe.

But back to this glaze. I've gotten such a good response to this glaze. I've sold out of my little egg vases and most of the bowls. I made this little lidded salt cellar for Gretchen, who used to work with my husband eons ago and is also a friend's cousin. One double-degree of separation. Another couple asked me about mugs in this glaze, which I hadn't thought about- my sole application idea was egg vases, but why not mugs?. Someone else asked about a berry bowl in this speckled robin's egg blue (more of those in july!). For now, I'm thinking about some squarish plates and platters in this glaze. Later on, I'll make more lidded items like this one. Maybe even larger- butter-dish sized. And mugs.

I'm excited to get away from what I *must* do for a little while and think in slightly different veins. I'm thinking about molds for pieces that are particularly difficult to make, thinking about flat things, thinking about different, 3-d decorations. I'm also thinking about photographing all of my unsold ware and putting it up on etsy. Or about hauling out the sewing machine and playing that way this week.

I hope you're finding your summer unfolding with creative potential this week, too.


helmetnona said...

I love the idea of an 'Everything must go sale' on etsy!
Or at the Farmer's Market for that matter. I think people will appreciate & relate to it, given the economy.

molly said...

hope your resting time is rejuvenating and relaxing, m. can't wait to see what new ideas you come up with!

and by the way, I got my pottery and LOVE it. except that I'm like a little kid and just HAD to open the box while sitting in the car. I then dropped it and cracked my egg vase!! I wanted to cry! It didn't completely break but is cracked clean through. So stupid of me!! But i love it and will still use it. And thank you for my extra little treat. This new glaze is just amazingly beautiful!


house on hill road said...

oh, i bet she just loves it.
and i think it is so cool that there is that random connection. ;)

erica said...

Count me among the huge fan of this glaze. I'll definitely be putting in an order later this summer. I broke my berry bowl the other day and almost cried. But since I knew I wanted to get some small bowls with the bird's egg glaze soon, I told myself I would just order another berry bowl too. And now I know what color I want! I'll let you know when I'm ready, and then you can take your sweet time! I won't be in a hurry. :-)

Doug said...

The bird's egg is my favorite of your work, especially the small stuff.