Sunday, June 14, 2009

at-home camping

our light lately
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Friday afternoon we had a big, big storm. Our power is out and may stay out for the week according to our utility company. One neighborhood to the east of us is powered back up, so I'm hopeful, but for now, I'm hanging out anywhere there's free wi-fi and air.

I've borrowed a friend's aero coffee maker, another friend's deep freeze, and with the grill, the crank radio, indoor plumbing (and hooray, the water heater still works!) and, um, the car, we're doing just fine. This is taking the idea of a stay-cation to a new level, but I'm fairly certain that gary will be going to work at first light Monday morning.

Pottery-wise, I'd planned to fire this week, but that's not happening. I'll continue to make slab pottery- platters and plates and the like. For now, though, I'm enjoying the air conditioning and comy sofas in my church's parish hall for just a few more minutes.

Have a great week, everyone!


house on hill road said...

oh, do i know that drill! hope your power is restored soon!

amy h said...

Aw, that's no fun in the middle of summer (or the middle of winter, really). I hope you're up and running soon, and enjoying the candlelight in the meantime.

TD wool design said...

hoping you are back to normal soon! xx

helmetnona said...

You'll be happy about this when you see your power bill this month!