Friday, January 2, 2009

new new new

ladybug detail
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hello. I don't really have much to say, and I don't have any new photos because I seem to have misplaced my camera since Tuesday, but I wanted to pop in and say hello! Happy 2009! This has been the best holiday season I've had in a long time- full of nice gatherings with family and friends. I skipped several things that I didn't feel up to and enjoyed some quiet time with my boys and by myself.

Next week promises to bring a couple of months of busy again, but I'm planning and making and clearing spaces for new things and ideas.

Have a great weekend!


Mama Urchin said...

Happy New Year!

helmetnona said...

Hope the camera turns up.
Glad you had nice holidays. I'm in NOLA now for 10 days. It's nice to have a break from 'dad duty.'