Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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I was supposed to work (teach) all this week but had some schedule changes that opened up some good studio time from now 'til thursday. A friend has been asking about honeypots, as have my favorite local honey vendors, so that's what I'm doing with today's studio time. I just threw 3, plus this one that I trimmed last night, and I'd like to make a minimum of 3 more this afternoon before it's time to pick up little boy.

I'm shakin' and makin'. And if you have any specific requests, my friends and pottery customers, I'll be happy to *try* my very best to fulfill them!

Have a great week!


April said...

Oooh I love it!

L~ said...

That's so nice! I love it!

amy h said...

I envy your productivity! (said with a child literally on my back sitting in the way back of my office chair and yanking on my hair, and the other one screaming at me to get off the computer. Oh, and there's the oven timer.)

Anonymous said...

Bees and honey. Makes me think of spring and yummy things!

Sorry - I was tagged so I had to tag you too.

Did you get your camera cord back?

ukebard said...

Love these! I hope you'll let us know when they're ready 'cuz I want one!

BB said...

Oops! I just posted that comment under my husband's name. I'm sure he wants one too, but it's me commenting, not him. :)

Sarah Jackson said...

I love that!!! I want one too. We need a honey pot, stat.