Friday, October 10, 2008

fall break

my kitchen table
Originally uploaded by Bridgman Pottery
good morning. today is our first day of fall break- it is really just now beginning to seem like fall. We have a busy day and weekend planned- glazing and Mars Lunar IMAX movie today, a 5K cancer walk, godfather visit, camping packing tomorrow, and a retreat to our favorite camping spot Sunday and Monday. Oh, and little things like the grocery store. Other than running in for milk and bread, I haven't had to buy groceries for more than two weeks. Thank you, CSA. Even though we only bought a half-share, there's more than enough for a week's worth of meals when combined with the rice, pasta, and beans in our pantry, and the chicken socked away in the deep freeze. That was a tangent.

For the weekend, I'll leave you with this little photo I took yesterday when I was frustrated with the length of time it took to pack a pottery shipment in my new "green" materials. I hope I'll get faster, because I'd really like it to work. But since the weather's cooled, my garden has come back ot life. The pineapple sage is sending up bright red spikes to attract teh late humming birds, the zinnias have burst into a profusion of blooms, and my dahlia keeps perking along. On the table are a dozen recycled newspaper leaves inspired by Maya. Her's are so much prettier than mine, but our crayons are crappy and I didn't use watercolors like she did. My boy is interested in sculpture and building- the allure of crayons are largely lost on him. Maybe the next child will want nice beeswax crayons. . . . But I'm looking forward to stringing these on some thread and hanging them from our dining room windows- or making more and gluing them to bare branches. . . . endless possibilities, limited time.

Happy weekend, everyone. It's time for me to get to glazing.


amy h said...

Our CSA was not as generous, or I guess they had a hard year. (we had too much rain I guess?) I usually only get one or two meals from the veggies.

That leaf project is great! I like the newspaper. I love when we have all the materials on hand for a project -- we'll have to try next week.

Anonymous said...

your leaves are lovely! i hear you about the sculpting and building (mostly lego around here). have you tried the weaving project from crafty crow. it was a moderate success for us. have a great camping weekend!

Mama Urchin said...

endless time

sometimes that seems like the story of my life

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mayaluna said...

I love how your leave turned out...they have a soft quality that mine didn' that. My son was never as interested in the leaves as my daughter is...each child is so different.