Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm glaze shopping again.  For clear this time; the new batch of white is doing exactly what it is supposed to, but the clear- oh goodness.  I tell you that it BITES to spend, say, six hours on a set of cups (start to finish, hands-on time is about 10 hours for these 20 cups, not including firing) and pull them from the kiln and find them rough and streaky and/or cloudy.  I tried to reglaze them but the glaze wouldn't stick because it was too thin.  Not terribly good for someone trying to fill wholesale orders. On Tuesday I cried about it and told my son I didn't want to be a potter any more.  He asked what I'd do with my wheel and kilns.  Good question.

And then I see lovely photos of my work in friends' homes, and someone I know sees me out at supper and tells me that she loves the new piece she bought, and my knitting friends are tickled with their newest batch of seconds, and I realize that it's ok.  And that I am in serious need of a re-boot.  A vacation.  So we're taking one.  I'll be back here in a few weeks, with some new clear glaze, and hopefully some work to share.

Happy Memorial Day.  Enjoy your holiday weekend.  Remember those who have given and lost and be thankful.


rebecca said...

oh! sad. reality bites... but not all the time thank goodness! nice to take a break to get your bearings.

Leila said...

Have a great vacation! I hope the new glaze works out. Your pieces are fantastic and I'd hate to see you stop doing them. I was just sitting at my favorite spot on the sofa a couple of days ago and when I looked at my coffee table I noticed that 3 of your pieces were sitting there (the small speckled bowl which I use ALL the time, a berry bowl, and my pomegranate vase). It made me smile to see them all together.

Anonymous said...

Oh Melissa! Such is the way of the artist. Virtual hugs from us - hope they will keep you going.