Sunday, March 14, 2010


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I got back on my wheel for the first time in two weeks. I have been itching to throw again. I really, really need to glaze this week, but what I wanted to do was throw. I managed about an hour and a half- two taller cylinder vases, more eggs, some tiny bowls, and a honey pot. I need to take this vase upstairs and put it up by my wheel so that I can work on this form. Or perhaps it would be best handbuilt, like my new salt cellars. This was my mother in law's, probably from when she was a child or very young adult. It is Japanese export, very old. I'm not sure if it is the square shape and fluted texture that I like (probably) or if it is the burst of orange (not usually my color, but it works here) that appeals to me.

I think I talked about these antique jonquils last year. They came from Sisters Bulb Farm in Louisiana, which sadly, (really, really sadly, because they grew a huge variety of antique daffodils) is now closed. The really tiny ones are called "Early Louisiana", and I tell you, just this small clutch of 6 flowers has been enough to perfume my living room all week. I adore them.

Hope you have a lovely spring week- it will be a busy one for me, but I do hope I'll have new work to show at the end of it.

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hannah said...

Such a lovely image of spring! I was trying to puzzle out exactly why I like that vase too, and I think its just the whole package that makes me happy. I need more orange in my life, I think.

And spring bulbs are just fantastic little omens of hope. They pop up right at the moment when I've given up hope that warmer weather will arrive to remind me that yes, the seasons will change and the sun will return. And these beauties - I am sad that I wont be able to snag some for my own yard.