Wednesday, March 24, 2010

chickie chickie

A long time ago, before my son was born, we kept chickens. We had them from late spring 2002 until late summer 2004. We lived in the country, had a Chicken Tractor type coop and mostly let them roam free during the day. I've missed the gorgeous fresh golden-yolked eggs and have dreamed of keeping them again. My big birthday gift this year was chickens. My favorite little country farm supply store got their chicks in on Monday, so yesterday we grabbed a favorite little family and took a field trip to get our chicks.

We bought two araucanas (they lay blue/green eggs) and two black star chicks (they lay regular brown eggs). They've been named Pearl (the second Pearl we've had, actually, named after my great-grandmother), Petunia, Mary (pronounced May-ree, just because), and Edna (the third Edna, named after Gary's grandmother). We're too too tickled. Over the weekend and next week's spring break we'll build their coop and yard. No chicken tractor this time, but a "palais de poulet," made with recycled/upcycled materials, more or less in this. These chicks won't have the run of the yard- that's asking for trouble in the city- but they'll have a nice big run and they'll be allowed to patrol the garden while I'm able to be out and supervise them. Fun stuff. I think I'm getting crunchier by the day.

Tomorrow, pottery pictures. I hired a helper for glazing last week. She was incredible- so meticulous. We got an entire load glazed in 2 hours. Usually, that takes me all day. I tested a new glaze color. Not 100% sold on it, but I'll keep working on it.

Have a fabulous week!


Mama Urchin said...

I am prepared for the onslaught of cute chicken photos shortly followed by photos of various egg edibles.

hannah said...

cute cute CUTE! I have chicken envy. And fresh egg envy. So much fun!

jenny said...

You can also recycle wooden pallets for chicken coops.. I built my chicken coop from a total of 9 pallets and then some extra we took apart for the wood boards. Then scraps of wood for the roof and leftover roofing materials from a friend's house-building the contractor let us have. All in all, I paid about $50 total for bits and pieces I couldn't salvage like nails and 8x4 plywood for the roof. I don't have the link handy, but if you're interested, I can come back with the link so you can see my finished coop.

Chickens are so much fun, aren't they? :o)

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome. Its so much cheaper and efficient to build you're own coop. You should probably learn how to make a coop in the fastest and most efficient way