Monday, April 28, 2008

molly's berry bowl

molly's berry bowl
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A friend requested this sweet little bowl from me maybe a month or so ago. I'm really pleased with it and am planning to make more of them.

When Gary and I married we got a little bowl like this as a wedding gift. We used it constantly- it was in the fridge, filled with grapes, strawberries, or wild blackberries more than it was in its cabinet. One day, it fell out and broke- cold pottery breaks really easily for some reason. The fall wasn't a large one, but it cracked in two almost even pieces. I was very sad and set about trying to duplicate it. I never did "get" it, but that was almost 7 years ago, and I'd like to think that I'm a better potter now.

My only problem with this edition of the berry bowl was glazing- Molly likes the white glaze, and it is one of my favorites, as well, but I have trouble getting it right. I glazed it once but the pigment had settled too much to coat the bowl properly. The second firing came out just about right, though, so this little guy is about to be packed up and shipped off to its new home. I hope it has a long, happy, and useful life!

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melissa f. said...

okay-- it's beautiful. i'm crossing my fingers that glaze comes out the way you want it, because i'm going to be hot to have one!