Monday, April 7, 2008

fiddlehead teapot

fiddlehead teapot
Originally uploaded by Bridgman Pottery
This new teapot is going into the kiln today. It is the first functional piece I've decorated with sprigs. What are sprigs, you ask? Well, you know that blue wedgwood china with raised white decorations? That's the most famous example of sprigware. The white pieces are bits of clay that were pressed into a mold, carefully lifted out, then applied on the surface of the piece. In this case, I'd pressed four fiddleheads of varying sizes into a slab of clay so they left a deep impression. After I bisqued the slab, it sat in my clay tools drawer for years and years until March, when I pulled it out and began pressing clay into the fiddlehead impressions.

After this little teapot had been dried and trimmed, I carefully scored the back of these sprigs, added slip (a mix of clay and water, the consistency of thin pudding), and placed them around the teapot. There are two or three on the lid, as well. Those little lug/tabs on top will hold the handle- I will use a light-colored bamboo or rattan handle for this pot. It will be glazed in my "deep celadon" colorway. You can just see the little bee signature stamp at the far bottom left of the pot.

I frequently ask my husband what he thinks about the pottery when it's in this raw green state and am met with blank looks. Some folks have difficulty visualizing the finished piece, but what do you think?


farmerjulie said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

that's right purty~
i think it would be great in a cream/ecru with green fiddlehead.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog every day. Your pottery is exceptional! Never stop! B:-)

Anonymous said...

I also love the teapot and appreciate seeing your pottery in various stages. Thanks!

Michelle in Memphis