Thursday, January 31, 2008

getting ready for spring

It is the last day of January, my Jan term is over, and I believe that I've met my goals. Blogging regularly-check. Etsy store open-check. A good jump start on making pottery for spring shows- check.
I have been making pottery almost every day this month- my standard goal is 5 pieces per throwing session. I also learned how to replace the elements in my kiln with the help of my co-worker, Dierdre. I've even sold a few pieces this month, which was encouraging after a slow holiday season.
These herb markers are my festival bread-and-butter. Last year I sold 500 on a single day. Gary was freelancing, and I was teaching a lot, but these little gems paid our mortgage that month. I have several hundred on hand, but it is time to break out the slabroller and make several hundred more before planting season begins.


farmerjulie said...

those are fun!!

Beth said...

These are so cute! I can see why you sell so many. By the way - it is very impressive that you sold so many of these!