Friday, October 19, 2012


Good morning.  This is what I'm tackling today.  Lots of last-minute glazing for the Whitton Farms Fall Festival (details here and here), and for my studio sale the first weekend in November.  I think I'm not sending out postcards this year, but email me if you're local and need my address.

Fall is beautiful and my bees are hurry-scurrying to get it all done.  They're bringing in the last of the season's nectar and their pollen baskets are loaded down.  I'm working just like the bees- firing 2-3 times a week- in both kilns.  Ally is working on my handbuilding projects- she makes all of the little trays and saucers for me to draw and print on.  I haven't done any outside shows in years, so I don't know if I'm making too much or too little to cover the slate I've signed up for.  I guess we'll see.

Have a lovely weekend.  Our son's godfather has just returned from 10 months in Afghanistan and we're anticipating seeing him again soon- potentially this weekend.  We're overjoyed.

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Maya Howarth said...

These are nicely made designs. It may be too simple but at least the quality of it is quite good since it was made out of those blue and white ceramics.