Monday, January 23, 2012

a fundraiser

for my friend  Angela and her husband, Devin.  $32 for the 6" tray, flat $4 shipping.  In a variety of colors, in my shop now and in the coming weeks.  Thanks for helping me help my friends get back on their feet.

More soon.

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angesdavis said...

Devin and I continue to remain so very humbled by Melissa's beautiful work, her generous heart, and by all of you who support fine pottery and people in crisis. We try to avoid feelings of embarassment and self-judgment, especially as our names appear through a public and, nevertheless, lovely and tremendously valued medium. We remind ourselves we've done nothing wrong, and we're accustomed to being in the position of giving. I am severely ill with an advanced rheumatological disease and the pain and exhaustion are debilitating. Devin insisted upon the recognition of his talents, skills, and amazing (to me and to all who know him)gifts in order to land another job in a department away from working directly for the owner of the office who is a toxic bully to everyone. Major victory there. We continue to hold to hope and work to improve things. If only my body would cooperate. If only my doctors were not out of options. Thanks to you all, and to our tenacity and the tenacity of all of our incredible friends, we're climbing out of financial woe. We cannot thank Melissa enough, obviously. Love to all of you.