Monday, January 30, 2012

at the end

My little Jan term is almost over.  I feel like I've worked a lot and been really lazy.  Played with new ideas, produced quite a lot, drew quite a lot, and am ready to keep moving.

I am really quite pleased with my yarn bowls- I have a few other ideas that I'm working on and waiting to dry long enough to fire and glaze.  I'll admit that  I hesitated before making them because, well, I didn't see the point.  I keep my yarn in a project bag at my feet, so I didn't see the need for one.  But my knitting friends prevailed upon me and I made a few testers.  Now that I've used one, I get it.
After I broke my favorite cup earlier this fall, I had to make my own tall tumbler.  This photo seems to have led to a request for a virtual twitter tea party.  I need to get to work!
This fat little teapot is the first I've made in several years.  I got a wild hair this fall to make one (and the hex stamps are a direct result of my visit to Heath Ceramics) in October/November, and didn't glaze it until just last week.  I think I'll make more.
These bright blue mugs and saucers are for a customer who's ordered her dinnerware set in a piecemeal fashion- plates, then cups, then teacups, then bowls, another set of bowls, a set of dessert plates.  This last round has been what you see here, plus red egg cups, and a set of vases.  I'm ready to get the little niggly reglaze work done on these and send them out the door.

Finally, y'all have helped me raise well over $200 for my friend Angela through the sale of the Emily Dickinson hope pieces.  I am ever so grateful, because, friends, that's $200 in one single week.  As in, last Monday, January 23, to this Monday, January 30.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I'll have more tumblers later this week (in the bisque kiln now), and some new colorways on the trays in another week.

I hope your week is a lovely one.  Thanks for being here with me.


Mama Urchin said...

That's great news about the money for Angela. I can hardly believe January is almost over. The time just flies.

angesdavis said...

Devin and I are so extraordinarily grateful for everyone's support, compassion, and love. Thank you so very much for everything, Melissa. You are our fairy potter wonder! All of our gratitude and our full, thankful hearts go out to all of you.

angesdavis said...

Melissa, I also adore all of your Jan Term work! Time very well spent! Gorgeous items. I am blessed to have you in my life in more ways than one. Your artistry is only one incredible blessing to me.

Princesspillar said...

eep, do you have the bee yellow inside cup for sale or soon? I'm in Australia but that would make the most bestest ever gift for some amazing forever friends who are beekeepers and she would adore it!!! STUNNING work!

bridgmanpottery said...

Pilar, please send me a private email- bridgmanpottery at yahoo- and we can discuss.