Thursday, August 18, 2011

watching and waiting

Last week was the first week of school, right on the heels of our beach trip.  It got massively, oppressively hot.  Then it got really nice and cool. As in, 80 degree days in which you can hang out in the yard with the chickens and a cool beverage in the evening sort of days.   I threw and threw and threw and ran out of clay last week.

My husband landed a new job after a long long long time of uncertainty and trying to keep everything together by the skin of our teeth.  It was hard, so now that it's over I've been having a bit of a post-emergency collapse.  Periods of resting and doing nothing, periods of remembering that I have a full fall schedule and will kick myself for watching Mad Men at noon on Monday.  It's not something that I'm used to (luxuriant laziness) and I'm not sure I like it.  I prefer being productive.

Having run out of clay, I fired several kiln-loads of green ware this week and am spending the last half glazing and firing it.  I'm getting more clay this weekend and next week will glaze my dinnerware set in one fell swoop.  I'm really excited about it- unglazed, it looks good.  Unfortunately, it is always the last firing that shows where the flaws are hiding- either through weakness in the clay or sloppiness in my glazing.  We'll see how that goes.

Summer is fleeting.  I'm ready for fall.


Elizabeth said...

Ah, I am still at the skin of our teeth stage.
And I still have some clay left, although that should be finished this weekend as I blitz through it! I know what you mean about last firing flaws!
Learn to enjoy your rest.

rebecca said...

hello misses chickens. i love how personable these ladies can be... an unexpected treat!

happy your husband found work. what a relief.

looking forward to seeing the dinnerware set when it's all done. but maybe a peek at the greenware since you like it so? said...

Your chickens are so cute!

I'm looking forward to autumn too I miss the rustle of leaves in the trees and pumpkins!

Glazing is usually my downfall for one reason or another, but then if things always turned out perfect all the time I'd probably be unhappy about that too!