Sunday, November 7, 2010

chickens and the egg

 new chickens- big golden buff orpington is Merigold (named first for Merigold, MS, secondly for her color).  She's at least 8 lbs.  Big girl.
Next to her is "Speckles," a barred rock.  She's medium size, no larger than my sweet pet chickens.  These ladies aren't tame.  Yet.  They'll come round.
and one of their eggs- I think it belongs to Merigold.  It is extra, extra large.  Edna's egg, to the right, is a regular large grocery-store sized egg.  Merigold's was twice as large.  I thought it might have been double yolked, but it wasn't.  The yolk was large and a big asymmetrical, but not fully double.  They haven't gotten hang of the idea of nest boxes yet- this was on top of a stone in the yard.

I'll be back later in the week with some pictures of pottery, I hope.
Have a nice week!


Anonymous said...

We get eggs from my husband's aunt, and every once in awhile she'll have a hen that lays these insanely huge eggs. I always expect them to be double yolks, but they're just giant. Right now she has new hens and they've just started laying, so lots of calcium deposits. It's so interesting the watch the change in the eggs as they get older.

Jacqueline said...

Are you by chance originally from Marigold, MS??? Lovely place, and a wee bit of pottery history!

bridgmanpottery said...

Jacqueline, no, I am not, but Merigold (thus my alternate spelling) is home to McCarty pottery, the reason I am a potter today. It IS a sweet little place.

Jacqueline said...

Yes, Lee and Pup McCarty! I am originally from MS, literally grew up on the border of MS/LA. I have a pretty extensive collection of McCarty, mostly the older stuff with the original markings. Oh, yeah... and I lived on S. Mclean around 1985/86, Memphis is a great little town!

Leila said...

Ha -- on top of a stone! That's a funny image! I can't wait for my hens to start laying. Do yours just free range around your yard? I have mine in a tractor since we don't have a fence, but I imagine that even if we did have a fence they'd still be getting out all the time.