Wednesday, June 30, 2010


 Hi.  Several times this week I've caught myself sitting down, ready to write, but with little to say. 

I'm making a lot this week. 

Throwing and trimming and doing some slab work. 

Tomorrow is my 10th wedding anniversary. 

The weather's cooled down some.  I'm very grateful for that (and for the 10 years).

Today I sat underneath the fig tree on our old metal glider with some iced coffee and a book, watching the chickens root through my newly-laid mulch in search of bugs.  They found several and chased each other every time one found a nice juicy bug underneath the ailing green beans.  Extreme heat (28 days of highs over 94 with high humidity- over 70%) has killed a lot in my garden.

There are still only 2 chickens.

The coop and yard are locked up tighter than Fort Knox. 

I'll plant more beans when the temps cool down a bit.  Maybe a second crop of okra in case they don't.  The tomatoes are mostly in the front yard and they're doing fine.

I enjoyed the sitting in the shade.

ok.  have a good rest of your week.


Mama Urchin said...

The heat has messed with my garden too. Glad you've ben making!

Leila said...

Sounds like a nice sit, even though you've been having a hectic time lately (or at least it seems so from this end). I hope it cools off for you soon! It got so cold here for the last 2 nights that I was actually worried about my plants and frost! Wish I could send a bit of that your way.

lynseym said...

we just put my mom's okra into our succotash. yum! sounds like a peaceful day.