Sunday, December 14, 2008

weekend of color

It has been a very dark and dreary weekend here, so I thought I'd bring out lots of color indoors to keep our spirits up. Our little bird advent calendar is coming along quite nicely- little boy enjoys picking a new bird to add each day, and I enjoy his enthusiasm for a countdown that doesn't involve more "getting." Or candy. Between Halloween, a birthday pinata, and holiday parades, we've been awash in candy and the "candy of the day" has finally been used up.

On Friday I found a fabulous vintage dutch oven that is so cheerful, I'm considering keeping it on top of the stove all winter long. I love that I rescued it at a thrift store, at half off its marked price, almost as much as I love its cheery yellow enamel. I finished pulling our Christmas things from the attic yesterday- I love my red Czech glass bead wreath (Martha Stewart, Christmas 2000), especially on my red front door.

Today I'm glazing the last of my pottery before Christmas. Some gifts, some last-minute orders, some sea urchins for the Brooks gift store. This was from my last load. I'm so glad I didn't do all of the urchins in color, because it turned out to be a no-go. I have several more of these, too, in a different style, as gifts for the ladies in my knitting group.

I hope your weekend's been restful and the week to come is filled with joy.


Richard Fudge said...

I love that dutch oven. what a find! I've got to go looking for a similar one.

April said...

Everything looks so pretty! You find the best things at the thrift store. See you tonight!

bridgmanpottery said...

er, yeah, I think the key to good thrifting is going at "off" times. which is hard to do if you have a real job. I think most of my great finds have been mid-week, mid-day. By the weekend they're all picked through. Alas.

Blogging Molly said...

your advent tree looks awesome! and that dutch oven - swoon. what a find.