Tuesday, December 16, 2008

holiday preparation

dessert plates
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Happily, almost all of my holiday prep is finished. I finished my pottery orders and gifts, have wrapped almost everything, sent out my cards. I have one knitting gift left, some bulbs to pot up and a few picture frames to buy, a party to attend, a Christmas pageant on Christmas eve, and a lot of relaxing next week while little boy and I are home.

These dessert/salad sized-plates came out of the last kiln load. I am so happy with how they turned out. I originally had six, but one cracked during the glaze firing. The family that's getting them only has 3 members, so I think they'll be fine with it. They'll get the sixth plate eventually, and I'll continue to make more because I really like this size for snacks, breakfast, and kid meals.

I'm beginning to really slow down and enjoy the quiet of advent- now that it's almost over. I have visions of knitting and pottery dancing in my head for the new year, but I'm also so relieved not to be pushing and feeling the typical stress of the holidays and pottery gift-production. It's difficult for me not to over-plan and schedule, but I'm quite pleased to find less on my plate. I hope you all feel this peace of the holiday season, as well.


TD wool design said...

glad things are going smoothly for you this holiday season. i'm feeling relaxed too. looking forward to my own sweater knitting soon.

Mrs.French said...

busy...busy..us too. the dessert plates are perfect, thank you so much for the kind words regarding my grandmother...really meant so much..xo

OyaSophia said...

These plates are beautiful. I especially love the ginkgo. My family lived in Japan for ten years and the ginkgo has special meaning. Any chance a fellow Memphis resident could commission some ginkgo dessert plates? Or one ginkgo platter? Or one ginkgo serving bowl? My daily tableware is plain white and I like to mix in pieces, depending on time of year and the food being served.

Either way, you do amazing work! Do you have a studio that can be visited?