Friday, December 12, 2008

2008 card

2008 card
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I don't send very many Christmas cards- I rarely send them to "in-town" friends because I usually see them during the holidays. My family's cards go mainly to old friends and infrequently-seen family who are out of town. I had my idea for this year's card before thanksgiving, but I only finished making them yesterday after getting inspired by Maya and her lovely recycled paper bag stationery.

If this little dove image looks at all familiar to you, it would be because it is the same little bird stamp I use in my pottery and St. Francis icons. I also have some green paper I intended to cut an olive branch with, but I've simplified.

After making my prototype with a paper lunchbag, it was a mite too thin to actuall write on- all of my favorite pens bled through the paper. Yesterday I found some 100% recycled kraft paper to use, instead. I hope that the recipients will, in turn, recycle the cards after the holidays.

Happy weekend, friends!


TD wool design said...

great idea! and so pretty!
i'm a big fan of the kraft paper. and usually make gift tags from the previous years cards :) happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love the card! This year I am trying to use up cards I've made in the past. We used to send photos with the card or letter, but lately we've been printing a picture directly on the letter. I really hate pitching the photo cards we've received at the end of the season. At least people can recycle the whole of the holiday greeting and still see how big the kids are these days. I love Christmas, but the amount of waste we produce during the holidays makes me queasy.