Tuesday, November 11, 2008

golden weekend

golden maple
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We spent this past weekend in a tiny little stone cabin in Sewanee, Tn. No TV, no phone, no computers or internet. Just my little family in a one-room cabin with a wonderful woodstove, a glorious view, some knitting, and each other.

Sewanee is home to the University of the South, a couple of cute gift shops and restaurants, and a very active (and activist) little community. The cabin we stayed in was located on the grounds of an Episcopal retreat center that also houses a convent and lays claim to one of the prettiest views in the entire state. I am so in love with this little town I was almost scheming on how to move up there. We'll definitely go back.

On the way home we stopped to see family in Nashville and made a visit to the new Trader Joe's in town. I filled my cooler with wild-caught fish, hormone-free and organic cheeses, a new supply of my favorite conditioner- all at nearly give-away prices. I was so excited to hear that Memphis should be getting one in the next year or so. Some women get excited about new shoes. Me? New food and the potential that a well-stocked pantry and freezer bring.

Happy Tuesday!


April said...

Trader Joes!? Here!? *faints*

Miss Daisy Mae said...

Happy to read your post about Sewanee. Yes, it's a special place.
Do come back for another visit.
I'm sure you'll be moving here soon. It only took us one visit!

If you would like a place to stay that is very kid friendly and beautiful, please consider, Red Oak Hollow. You can visit our blog and see the guest suite and cottage. The cottage has two bedrooms.
Enjoy the fall.

amy h said...

I would be SO excited if we were getting a Trader Joe's. Apparently Trader Joe's doesn't know what to make of our weird liquor laws since we're on the border of two states. So that's what keeps them out. Stupid Kansas liquor laws...

BB said...

I know I'm super-late on commenting on this, but I'm taking time to get caught up on blogs today and I'm so happy to hear about your visit to Sewanee! We live there, my husband is in seminary at the university, and we are lucky enought to get to spend the next 3 years here! Thanks for the Trader Joe's info too! We were just in Nashville and I had no idea...now I have a reason to go back soon!

Robbie Johnson Weinberg said...


I have been slowly reading some of your blog. I couldn't resist the desire to comment on your trip to Sewanee. I try to visit Sewanee at least once a year. It truly is my favorite place on earth and has been since I first visited a close friend in school there many moons ago. There is no place better. It's good to catch up with you via your blog!